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Car Sun Visor Phone Mount

Car Sun Visor Phone Mount

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Product Name: Sun visor bracket Driving recorder bracket
Car sun visor smart phone bracket / all mobile phone universal car bracket mobile phone universal navigation bracket
Material: ABS

Color: pure black

Packing quantity: 100pcs

Temperature: -20 degrees low, 70 degrees high

Stretch back clip: 35-90MM

Scope of application: all models with sun visors and mobile phones with 35-90mm width

Power Description:

1. Safe and stable, do not block the line of sight, improve driving safety: because it is hung on the sun visor, the position is higher, so it will not block the line of sight, there is no safety hazard.

2. It can stretch the back clip and adapt to all mobile phones with different widths of 35-90MM.

3, Advantages: The sun visor mobile phone bracket does not block the line of sight, it is not easy to fall, the mobile phone also becomes a camera and has a good conceal effect.

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