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Sony BDP-S1700 Wired Blu-ray Player with Streaming

Sony BDP-S1700 Wired Blu-ray Player with Streaming

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Enjoy cinema experiences in your living room with the impressive full 1080p HD video experience of the Sony Wired Blu-ray Player with Streaming capability. This player allows you to enjoy all your favourite Blu-ray movies in crystal-clear HD and upscale your DVD movies to near HD quality. Not only can you watch movies on this Blu-ray player, you can also play CDs and stream movies, television shows, music and even PlayStation 3 games on a variety of streaming apps available to you over a wired network connection. To complement the exceptional 1080p HD visual experience, the Blu-ray player also includes Dolby Digital TrueHD audio for theatre-quality sound in your own home.

Blu-ray Player Features
  • Supports Full HD 1080p Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs & DVD Upscaling
  • Dolby Digital TrueHD audio
  • Wired network connectivity
  • Connects to PlayStation Now to stream PlayStation 3 games
  • Provides access to streaming apps
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